DNR Wildlife Habitat Module

July 15, 2015 by Adam Ikamas

The new Michigan Department of Natural Resources Habitat Module is now live on the www.mtesp.org website, see the link below for the .PDF version of the module as well.

The Certified Wildlife Area Program challenges golf courses, university and college grounds departments and park and other grounds maintenance operations to create and improve habitats to benefit wildlife. With over 800 golf courses in Michigan, over 100 colleges and universities and many park and other grounds maintenance operations there is significant potential to work in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to promote wildlife habitat management. Enhancing existing or developing new habitat areas can provide a safe haven for migratory birds, mammals, amphibians, and beneficial pollinating insects. This program recognizes those facilities that go above and beyond to make their property wildlife-friendly.

The goal of this wildlife module is to engage these facilities across Michigan to become more wildlife-friendly. This document provides guidance for evaluating existing wildlife habitat conditions, establishing goals for wildlife conservation, implementing management activities to enhance wildlife habitat, and providing conservation education to the public. Quality habitat is designed to meet the three basic needs of wildlife: food, shelter and water. Providing these basic habitat elements will not only help wildlife, but will enhance the aesthetic value of the property.